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Although Simon Shurville, ICICTE 2009 Keynote speaker, was taken ill prior to the conference, he had already sent in his keynote speech (A life beyond the golden arches), and with his wife Marian’s help, the conference received the outline of his PowerPoint presentation for the speech. This was given on the day by Scientific Committee chairman Dr. Greg Anderson while exerpts of the paper were read by Steering Committee chairman Raymond Welch, with Simon’s long time colleague and co-worker Prince Pericles ‘Asher’ Rospigliosi leading the discussion after the presentation.

The keynote can be viewed here


Societal expectations of higher education have changed significantly in the past quarter century without equivalent increases in funding. These changes leave a shortfall between the outcomes higher education is expected to provide, the experiences it aspires to offer and those it can deliver. This shortfall has contributed to higher educations McDonaldization (Ritzer, 1996). Although flexible delivery (flexible delivery) and technology-enhanced learning (technology-enhanced learning) are common strategies to narrow this shortfall, I argue that they can actually increase its breadth. I apply Simons’ model of levers of organizational design to show how higher education can effect cultural changes to help to transform this shortfall into an entrepreneurial gap, thus offering higher education a possible future beyond the golden arches.

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