Presentation Options and Ideas:

Potential topics — although not meant to be an exhaustive list. Have an idea? Presentations can be custom fit to your content needs and clientele/audience.

Children’s Physical Activity and Training:

  • Physical Education and Sport Best Practices.
  • Long Term Athlete Development.
  • Classifying Children for Competition and Sport.
  • Saving Obese Children: An Integrated Approach.
  • Childhood Physical Activity: A School’s Perspective.
  • Childhood Physical Activity: A Global Responsibility.
  • Theory of Functional Training for Children and Adolescents.
  • Kids and Sport: Training versus Learning.
  • Developing Strength in Children.
  • Trainability of Children.

Fitness Professionals:

  • The What and Why’s of Pre-Screening Tools.
  • Dynamic Warm Ups.
  • 50+ Physical Activity.
  • Physiology of Exercise in Aging.
  • Research Techniques for the Fitness Professional.
  • The Use of Unstable Surfaces in Training and Rehabilitation.
  • Balance: The Science.
  • Heart Rate and Exercise Intensity – True Utility?
  • A Bioenergetics Primer.
  • Exercise and the Environment.
  • Long Term Athlete Development.
  • Preparing for Beijing – The Summer Olympics.
  • The Core and Human Movement.
  • Harnessing the Body’s Natural Slings for Functional Movement.
  • Knowing Your Scope of Practice.

Health and Wellness:

  • Exercise is Medicine.
  • You and Your Wellness.
  • Physical Activity: For the Health of It!
  • The Dose Response Relationship: How Much Exercise is Enough?
  • Body Composition — Weighing the Options.

Occupational Health and Wellness:

  • Police Officer Stress.
  • Occupational Stress – The Real Impact.
  • The Physical Requirements of General Duty Police Work.
  • Occupational Task Specific Testing.
  • Bona Fide Occupational Requirements.
  • Police Officer Shooting Performance – The Literature.
  • Physically Demanding, Psychologically Stressful Jobs: A Physiological Roller Coaster.
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