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gsaREACH provides quality educational experiences through contract training, or through conference presentations. Education and conference presentations range in scope from bona fide occupational requirements, exercise and occupational physiology, coach and athlete development, pediatric exercise science, fitness and exercise, and exercise as medicine.


Dr. Anderson presents on a wide range of scientific and practical topics to diverse audiences including researchers, physicians, degreed fitness and health professionals, and certified practitioners in health and fitness.


Dr. Anderson presents locally, nationally and internationally on topics involving exercise and occupational physiology, and exercise and health. Dr. Anderson has been involved in the development of standards for fitness professionals, and the development of certificate, diploma and degree programs in the areas of Kinesiology and Physical Education.

Bona Fide Occupational Requirements

Dr. Anderson presents on bona fide occupational requirements and occupational physiology as it relates to physically demanding occupations. Topics range from physical and psycho-social stress, to preparing for the physical demands of various occupations.

Coach/Athlete Development

Dr. Anderson has been involved in athlete training and development for over 20 years, working with amateur and professional athletes preparing for provincial, national and international events, including the World Cup and Olympic Games; Dr. Anderson has also been involved with the National Coaching Certification Program since 1988, and presently is involved in Level III Theory and Level IV Tasks.

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Dr.Gregory Anderson

Performing quality education, training and applied research services for over 20 years.

Trained in exercise and occupational physiology, Dr. Anderson is a passionate educator, presenter, and applied researcher with a very diverse background in service provision for public and private sector clients.

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