Areas of Corporate Health:
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Corporate Health Services

gsaREACH provides testing services for applicants and incumbents in several occupational settings, research services for occupational and community groups, and performs reviews of policies and procedures in health and safety.

Testing Services

gsaREACH performs applicant screening and incumbent testing for physically demanding occupations (such as the PARE), and can provide one-on-one training for individuals who wish to prepare for specific occupational testing procedures.

Health and Safety

gsaREACH performs research and reviews pertaining to training, health and safety policies and procedures, providing quality information to aid in making informed decisions based on present best practices.

Community Health

gsaREACH provides services associated with measuring and promoting physical activity in schools and communities. They can provide data collection, interpretation and report writing services.


gsaREACH can assist clients in formulating research questions, collecting pertinent data, data analysis and interpretation, and report writing which may include specific recommendations pertaining to present practice and policy.

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Dr.Gregory Anderson

Performing quality education, training and applied research services for over 20 years.

Trained in exercise and occupational physiology, Dr. Anderson is a passionate educator, presenter, and applied researcher with a very diverse background in service provision for public and private sector clients.

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