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Canadian Personal Training Survey

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Anderson GS, Elliott B, Woods N.The Canadian Personal Training Survey¬† JEPonline 2010;13(5):19-28. This study examined variability in service provision, knowledge and beliefs of Canadian personal trainers across levels of certification and education. All data were collected online over an eight-month period, and included demographical data, nutrition, weight management, physical activity, and general wellness knowledge, beliefs […]

Pre-Event Massage for Increased Power Performance

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Anderson and Forde to research the effects of massage on performance thanks to a Massage Therapy of BC Seed Grant. Massage has been used as a therapeutic modality for centuries in various capacities, including a long tradition in sport preparation and recovery. However, little research either supports or refutes the use of massage in a […]

Credible Fitness Information on the Net?

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Anderson, G.S. and A. Vogel. How to find credible research on the net. Fitness Business Canada. 10(1): 32-34, 2009. Anderson and Vogel published a paper on sourcing credible health and fitness information on the internet. This topic has been presented by Greg Anderson at CanFitPro in the past, providing fitness practitioners useful information on how […]

Training on Unstable Surfaces

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Norwood, J., G.S. Anderson, M. Gaetz, and P. Twist. Electromyographic activity of trunk stabilizers during stable and unstable bench press. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 21(2): 343-347, 2007. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of instability training in the recruitment of core stabilizing muscles during dynamic multijoint movement. Surface electromyography […]