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Comparison of EMG activity during stable and unstable push-up protocols

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This experiment examined muscle activation measured using electromyography (EMG) during a standardized push-up performed on stable and unstable surfaces. Fifteen highly trained participants performed four push-ups: standard (hands and feet on the floor), either the hands or feet on an unstable surface (single instability), and with both hands and feet on unstable surfaces (dual instability). […]

Anderson in Sweden

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Greg is spending time in Sweden to present a series of seminars in bona fide occupational requirements, police office stress, and children’s participation in elite sport programs. Seminars are hosted by the School of Education and the Department of Sports Medicine at Umea University, in Umea Sweden. November  8th     Police officer physical abilities determination and testing November 11th    Lunchtime […]

Pre-Event Massage for Increased Power Performance

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Anderson and Forde to research the effects of massage on performance thanks to a Massage Therapy of BC Seed Grant. Massage has been used as a therapeutic modality for centuries in various capacities, including a long tradition in sport preparation and recovery. However, little research either supports or refutes the use of massage in a […]

Dynamic Warm Up

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Anderson, Behm, Brandenburg, and Twist presented a Symposia on Dynamic Warm Up to a packed audience at the CSEP 2009 conference held in Vancouver Nov 11-14th, 2009.  Topics covered ranged from the practical questions surrounding warm up for preparing muscles for activity, to static stretching, pre-exercise movement, to the practical application of the science. The Symposia […]

Anderson Delivers Coach Education

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Greg Anderson delivered three modules of the Fraser Valley Level IV National Coaching Certification, in coordination with Pacific Sport – Fraser Valley and the National Coaching Institute – Victoria.  Greg delivered modules on bioenergetics, long term athlete development, and environmental physiology.

Gold Medal Presentation

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Anderson, G.S., F. Deluigi, G. Belli, C.Tentoni nd M. Gaetz (2009). Training for balance and improved muscle coordination using the BOSU. 11th International Conference of Sport Kinetics, Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece. Guido Belli won the young investigator gold medal for the poster he presented representing the results from a training study conducted by Fabio Delugi (Balogna […]

Training on Unstable Surfaces

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Norwood, J., G.S. Anderson, M. Gaetz, and P. Twist. Electromyographic activity of trunk stabilizers during stable and unstable bench press. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 21(2): 343-347, 2007. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of instability training in the recruitment of core stabilizing muscles during dynamic multijoint movement. Surface electromyography […]